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Member Connections

Executive Committee Report

Doris Luther (Conference Program and Ethics Committee), Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz (Co-Chair and Site Committee) and Bruce Kittle (Co-Chair and Program Committee).

We are continuing the process of naming Advisory Board members and welcome suggestions for people in the field that can provide ongoing input as we seek to look at where VOMA is headed in the future. Those already agreeing to serve on the Advisory Board are Kay Pranis, Minnesota; Debbie Watters, Northern Ireland; Howard Zehr, Virginia; Wayne Northey, British Columbia and Mark Umbreit, Minnesota.

During the Board meeting, we spent time looking at fundraising issues to further the mission and vision of VOMA, as well as reviewing VOMA member benefits. We all look forward to providing members with more information via the Internet as well as adding a web page or link for VOMA members.

A new VOMA logo was approved, and we will soon have a new brochure to promote VOMA as a thriving organization within the field of victim offender mediation.

Last but not least, we are excited to announce that the 16th Annual Conference will be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in September. We look forward to seeing you there.

Last September, the site committee for the 15th Annual VOMA Conference in Tucson, Arizona were true to their word... the weather and the arrangements were wonderful.

We appreciate the incredible amount of time and hard work they put into hosting us and look forward to having them come and relax with us in Harrisburg, PA, in 1999 for the 16th Annual Conference.

At the VOMA Board of Directors meeting held at the Conference, we welcomed new members Kathy Elton from Utah who will serve on the Electronic Communications Committee, Mike Llado from Florida who will serve on the Fundraising Committee, Jan Bellard from North Carolina who will serve on the Public Relations Committee, and George Dash from Saskatchewan (who unfortunately was unable to join us in Arizona) who will serve on the Membership Committee.

The new members joined ongoing board members Anne Warner Roberts (Fundraising and Publications Committee), Marty Price (Electronics Committee), Carolyn McLeod (Publications Committee), Kathy Hall (Secretary), Sue Wiese (Treasurer), Barbara Schmidt (Conference Program Committee), Beverly Moore (Publications Committee), David Doerfler (Membership Committee),

by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz, Co-Chair and Bruce Kittle, Co-Chair
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VOMA members wishing to be on the e-mail announcement list should send their e-mail address to:

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